Values-Friendly Fundraising and Awareness Campaigns

One of our favorite elements of working with student folders is the many positive purposes they can fill at one time. The key goal, at the very heart of this all, is helping improve students’ lives (or helping students improve their lives – both ways of looking at it are absolutely true).

The messages that our school folders represent are the first way in which this happens, especially when they’re used as a focal point for classroom discussion, or as daily reminders that reinforce other lessons that students are receiving at school and throughout the community. Take home folders can address a variety of issues including:

  • Healthy eating habits
  • Good study habits
  • Staying fit and active
  • Internet Safety
  • Anti-Bullying
  • Tobbacco-Prevention

Beneficial Beyond The Content

Education is the primary purpose of these folders, but they can also help students in another way: fundraising. As districts nationwide face budget deficits and are waiting for promised state funds, teachers and programs are being cut from schools, sometimes in record numbers. The result directly impacts the students, taking away extra-curricular opportunities, field trips, before- and after-school programming, cultural assemblies, nature-based activities, and even classroom teachers and aids.

Fundraising helps get some of those opportunities back, but can come with some steep challenges for schools. Fundraisers can be difficult to coordinate, can take up tons of space and upfront cost, and can be hard to sell to the community. And consider some of the most common fundraising materials: candy bars and cookie dough. Talk about setting a bad example. When fundraising materials undermine the lessons kids are being taught, how well will those lessons hold? Not very well.

In this regard, folders are especially useful, because they address both sides of this problem. They’re supporting the mission that parents and educators are on already (that of helping kids live healthier, happier lives), plus they’re far more affordable than many too-common fundraising alternatives. And because they carry a positive message, folders can often be funded by local businesses or national organizations that see the value of investing in free school supplies.

Chocolate is Temporary: Folders are Forever

Besides bolstering healthy curriculum, school folders have the added advantage of not being edible. As fundraising tools, they last and will be seen as a better use of money than candy. And as curriculum enhancers, they are a long-term classroom constant that can be utilized either alone or as a way to continue discussion of one-time events or lessons. Their benefit is complex and long-lasting, which is why we’re excited to be bringing them to more classrooms each year.

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