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School folders, educate, inform, and engage students

Yes, they’re simple in design; school folders have, seemingly, been around forever. But putting them to better use than ever is what we do.
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Creatively Engaging Kids

Keep it fun, keep it bright, keep it engaging and easy to use.

Engaging kids isn’t as easy as it used to be. With so many media and communication options, and such constant stimulation (some might say overstimulation) getting one single message across can be incredibly difficult. We’ve found that our folders are a pretty effective way of engaging students in a creative, yet surprisingly practical, way.

We advocate the use of school folders in classrooms of all ages. Of course, the design and language will be different depending on what level student you’re working with. But school folders are great conversation starters, and good every day reminders. Smart, simple imagery can be a quick and daily reminder of something important (think: the recycling symbol), and can help reinforce the lessons being taught throughout the school year.

Good exposure means that your materials get quite a bit of face time. If you put folders into the hands of 50,000 students, and each student views their folder just once per day, over the course of a 180-day school year, that’s 9 million views — 9 million impressions. Each one of those counts, and put together, they make a strong impression on the collective awareness that a whole community has about the issue at hand.

Simplicity is key to effectiveness…

My School Folders provides schools, school districts and non-profit youth organizations with FREE school folders by collaborating with a variety of partners -- including local businesses, corporate sponsors, education grantees, government agencies, community organizations, health care providers, schools and others -- throughout the nation to create customized school folders that promote school pride and help reinforce the lessons being taught throughout the school year. In developing take home folders that target such objectives as social media responsibility campaigns, anti-bullying/cyber-bullying awareness, obesity prevention, texting and driving campaigns, tobacco-prevention and drug/alcohol prevention, we are honored to help these schools and organizations develop practical solutions that are easily and successfully implemented.

Anti-Bullying Education with Free School Supplies