School Folders Sponsorship Support your local schools and reach your local market EVERYDAY!


When your business steps up to support a school by sponsoring their school folders, everyone benefits.
Word-of-mouth among parents travels fast and parents are loyal to local businesses that support the community.

School Folders For Healthy School Fundraising

Supporting local schools is everyone’s business

Local businesses can attract additional customers, contacts and clients simply by supporting their local schools. Sponsoring a local school folder program keeps a business’s marketing dollars in the local community, helping to improve the quality of education for local students. Having better local schools helps make the community a more attractive place to live, to work and to shop, amplifying a business’s marketing investment.


Small Business Advertising School Folders

The Best Value For Your Budget

Get exposure to a targeted audience throughout the school year for less than the cost of a weekly newspaper ad.

Simply Effective…

School folders are an effective and affordable way to be noticed in neighborhoods, attract more local customers and grow your business.

Repetition and consistency brings RESULTS!

School Folders offer repetitive advertising that is less expensive and more effective than other print media. Even small businesses can afford to advertise regularly so your business develops a strong, well-known brand in your community.

Sponsoring a School with School Folders
School Folder Advertising

Advertising that lasts months NOT minutes!

  • Affordable, your ad runs month after month
  • Your ad is working for you EVERYDAY
  • Reinforces other marketing campaigns
  • Highly Visible, Repetitive, Positive Exposure

School folders provide a simple way for schools and families to communicate every day. They are a great management system to keep daily classwork, homework, reminders, permission slips and notes organized on their way to and from school every day.


Sponsor A School
Small Business Advertising

Your neighborhood business needs neighborhood coverage and there’s very little, if any, advertising media that allows you to target your advertising dollars so precisely, so frequently, so effectively at so much less cost. School Folders reach the highest and most potent concentration of potential customers of ANY media — for a fraction of the cost.