Youth Outreach School Folders for Youth Outreach Initiatives

Creative Youth Outreach

Nothing penetrates understanding as quickly and succinctly as a direct, well-designed image. Graphic design is about more than just color, shape, and layout looking good. It’s about what these things convey. The instant you see the green triangle of three arrows, you’re reminded of recycling rather than disposing, re-using things, and keeping the environment in mind. It’s instant! Our school folders work the same way. Even if a student doesn’t sit down and reflect on what they’re seeing, they’re being reminded every time their eyes cross over the folder. There’s no better way to help reinforce an idea than with a daily visual reminder.

Youth Initiatives

Raising awareness is vital to the survival of most social benefit organizations. Your organization may be doing important and valuable work – but if no one knows you exist, you are missing out on the opportunity to meet, engage, and motivate others to take action on your behalf.

In our work to support local and national youth outreach initiatives for youth health and safety, we’ve seen first hand how valuable of a role our simple school folders can make when utilized as part of a combined effort to educate and inform a community’s students.

Put simply: we love engaging students by putting cool, helpful materials in their hands. The goal for any project—whether it’s aimed at fighting childhood obesity, informing kids about internet safety, ending bullying, or reversing tobacco peer pressure—is to get as much exposure, and as much good exposure, as possible.

Simple School Fundraising
School Folders For Youth Outreach

Partnering in Education

When we join forces with others, the results are truly amazing. Because of our collaborations with local businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and other important players in the field of education, we are able to affect the lives of thousands of kids.

We advocate the use of school folders in classrooms of all ages. Of course, the design and language will be different depending on what level student you’re working with. But school folders are great conversation starters, and good every day reminders.

Smart, simple imagery can be a quick and daily reminder of something important (think: the recycling symbol), and can help reinforce the lessons being taught throughout the school year. And because school folders provide such great visibility on a daily basis, they’re an excellent way to promote youth initiatives and your organizations cause.