Tips on How to Stop Someone from Bullying

At some point in your time at school you will probably experience some sort of bullying. Bullying is any action that hurts, offends, or makes another person feel bad. Bullying is unacceptable, and no person should have to deal with being treated badly.

People that are constantly bullied can feel like they are alone in the world and that they are worthless. They may feel like no one will stand up for them and that their life is worth living. If someone is feeling this way, they may avoid social situations and keep to themselves even more. A bully can make someone feel this way.

What if Someone is Bullying You?

The best fuel for a bully is getting a reaction out of someone. Bullies love to see that the words they are saying can hurt someone. Because of this, the best way to handle a bully is to pretend that it does not bother you, or to ignore it. This is the best defense when dealing with people that like to make fun of others.

Be firm and do not show fear of the bully. If a bully senses that you are weaker than he or she is, she is more likely to continue the bullying. If they sense that you are strong and confident, they will usually back off.

If a person is constantly bothering you and will not leave you alone the most important thing you can do is tell an adult. The adult that you tell can be a teacher, a parent, or any other trusted adult. Once an adult knows what is happening, they can prevent it from happening again. When explaining what the bully is doing, be specific. Indicate exact places the bullying occurred and words that were said.

If you are being bullied, your confidence might get pretty low. Surround your self with people that truly care about you and are good people. Try to meet new people that will make you feel good about yourself. Talk to your friends and trusted adults about how you are feeling. It is always best to get your feelings and emotions out in the open.

What if you Witness Bullying?

Sometimes you may not be the victim of bullying, but you may be there when it is happening. Unfortunately, sometimes it might be one of your friends doing the actual bullying. Bullies almost always will strike when there is a large group of people around. This is because they feel as if dominating someone in front of other impresses them in some way.

If you see someone being bullied, be strong enough to stand up for that person. Many times, the person being bullied is not able to stand up for themselves. It can be very difficult to stick up for someone in front of a large crowd, but doing something like that is what actually takes guts and confidence. Use words to get the bully to stop. If he hears that others are not approving of what he is doing, he may be likely to stop.

We can all help in the fight to stop bullies from picking on others. If you are being bullied by someone, please tell a trusted adult or friend. Stand up for your fellow classmate when they cannot stand up for themselves. If bullies do not have the social acceptance they are seeking, they may very well stop.

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