School Folder Fundraising School Folders are a win-win for everyone.

No wrapping paper to sell, no tubs of cookie dough to keep refrigerated, nothing to pickup, sort, package or deliver. School Folders are an ESSENTIAL School Supply


Fundraising, Fundsaving & FREE School Supplies

It’s A No Brainer!

Why School Folders Are Great For Fundraising

  • Students receive an essential school supply for FREE
  • Schools no longer have to purchase folders
  • Students do not have to sell anything
  • Nothing for parents, family or neighbors to buy
  • No cost to participate, just savings and fundraising
  • School organizations, clubs and boosters earn much needed funds
  • Local businesses build positive relationships in their community

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School Fundraising With School Folders


Connecting with your community is a vital role in any fundraising effort.

Small Business Advertising School Folders
Homework Folders, Take Home Folders

There is no greater resource within your community than the local businesses.
Most companies, both big and small, have an interest in supporting the local schools and non-profit organizations in the community.
They want to be connected and show support whenever they can. But—make no mistake—in most cases, your group is not the only one interested in their support.
There are dozens of school fundraisers, sports fundraisers, scout fundraisers, etc. in most communities, and it is unrealistic for a local business to support
them all. Businesses are feeling the effects of a down economy just like the schools, so it’s no longer just a community service expectation but a business proposition as well.
When it comes to school folder sponsorship it’s a win-win for the schools and the local businesses.


Healthy Fundraising

School fundraising is an important way to raise money for school equipment, supplies, and activities. Schools often sell unhealthy foods such as cookies and candy as fundraisers to meet their budget because they are perceived as the easiest and most successful. Statistics show that one out of three children is either overweight or obese. Unhealthy fundraisers contradict nutrition education and undermine parents and teachers in their efforts to provide healthy and consistent messages to children.

Talk about setting a bad example. When fundraising products undermine the lessons kids are being taught, how well will those lessons hold? Not very well.

Healthy School Fundraising with School Folders


Did you know that when you purchase items from local businesses that the public schools receive a percentage of the sales tax collected? So, when you support local businesses you not only support them, you also support the public schools.