School Folders Help Highlight Important Health and Safety Education Campaigns

One of the best elements of using school folders as an educational tool, as we see it, is that they are incredibly versatile. Not only do they lend themselves to a wide variety of issues and topics (more below), but they’re scalable in the sense that they’re helpful alone and even more helpful when used in conjunction with other teaching tools. Plus, they help students in a variety of ways. Yes, they’re simple in design; school folders have, seemingly, been around forever. But putting them to better use than ever is what we do, and we’re really excited about it. So we’d like to tell you why.

Highlighting Essential Issues

As statistics on childhood obesity become increasingly alarming (1 in 3 kids is expected to develop diabetes, for one), the push for keeping our kids healthy is on the rise, as well. First Lady Michelle Obama has made it her mission to fight childhood obesity by addressing eating habits, access to healthy food, community awareness, and physical fitness. The FDA came out with new, easier-to-implement nutritional guidelines with MyPyramid just a few years ago. Even fast food restaurants are promoting healthy options for kids’ meals (though some are healthier than others, plus adult options are quite unhealthy, which doesn’t set a good example).

Accordingly, MySchoolFolders works with organizations and school districts to provide school folders that highlight these issues, from “Let’s Move” to “MyPramid” to “Fit Kids!” and many others. And these are just within the area of childhood obesity. Anti-smoking campaigns are incredibly pressing (smoking rates in adolescents have recently gone back up for the first time), and the rapid growth of personal communication technology has created a huge need for imparting internet safety skills to kids who’ve never known life without the web. Bullying is, still, inflicting cruel psychological harm on many kids who are isolated and teased simply because of who they are.

A Well-Rounded Approach

We advocate the use of school folders in classrooms of all ages. Of course, the design and language will be different depending on what level student you’re working with. But school folders are great conversation starters, and good every day reminders. Smart, simple imagery can be a quick and daily reminder of something important (think: the recycling symbol), and can help reinforce the lessons being taught throughout the school year. And because folders provide such great outreach, 50,000 outreach folders viewed once a day over a 180-day school year results in 9 million impressions!, they’re an excellent way for committed foundations and organizations to help get their message out.

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