Business partnerships are a tremendous opportunity

One of the things that we hear most often is the effect that the current economic crisis has had on school fundraising programs.

With constant reminders of the economic downturn in the news, it’s easy to understand why so many schools have trouble fundraising via traditional methods.

Schools are constantly in need of money to cover the cost of textbooks, sporting equipment, or activities. Parents and students alike are well aware of the effort and time commitment that goes into school fundraising, such as door-to-door selling, bake sales, car washes, and asking friends and family for donations. These school fundraising methods can be effective, but they have their time and place. For fundraising success in a down economy, it’s essential to take a unique approach. Rather than just receiving funds, why not give back to the community and local economy in return?

Our school folders program is a great way for your students to receive free folders as well as receiving much-needed funds for your school while giving the local economy a boost. In a recession, all businesses are looking for cost-effective ways to advertise, our school folders program allows them to do just that. This serves as valuable advertising for businesses, not only because it provides visibility, but also because it builds positive relationships within the local community.

My School Folders provides an opportunity for Schools and businesses to work together to benefit students, teachers, and entire communities.

Why Support Business? When you support business, it’s like buying insurance for your whole community. Supporting business supports your job, your economy, and your local schools- making America competitive and ready for the future.

Our school folders program provides a way for schools and businesses to combine forces to benefit students, teachers, parents and the entire community.

Business partnerships are a tremendous opportunity — an opportunity most businesses are eager to pursue.

Not every school is fortunate to have large companies headquartered in its backyard, but that does not mean that schools cannot have partnerships that have a great impact on students.

Great things from small partnerships

No school is too small to take advantage of business partnerships and no business is too small to support the schools in their community.

For many small local businesses a school folders program is an affordable way to contribute to the community.

Most principals do not have the time to write letters, make phone calls, and knock on doors to forge links to the local business community.

Our school folder programs can help forge these links by providing the sponsors with an opportunity to advertise their business and promotions that they may offer to the schools they are sponsoring.

It is beneficial for the businesses to get involved because the students are their future workforce.

In return for the businesses supporting the schools, the schools are promoting the businesses by utilizing the folders.

Business partnerships are waiting in the community and My School Folders is one way of establishing these partnerships.

“It opens up a whole new opportunity for them to support schools by giving back.”

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