Bullying Checklist

1. Know what Bullying is

Bullying can be someone saying mean things about you, hurting you, or threatening you. You may not realize a person is a bully just from looking at them, and you yourself may not realize that you have bullied someone before. Always try to treat others with respect, and you will help fight bullying!

2. Tell an Adult

If someone has been bullying you for quite some time or has hurt you in anyway, it is extremely important that you tell an adult. Adults can help solve situations much easier than children and can help you learn more about how to prevent bullying and how to treat others with respect.

3. Stop Bullying if you See it

Be the brave kid in school. If someone is being bullied and they are not able to defend themselves, stand up for them. A bully needs to hear that he or she is doing something wrong and that other kids in the school do not think it is cool. The victim of the bully will know they are not alone and that someone is there to help them.

4. Walk Away

If you come in contact with a bully, simply walk away from them. By showing them that they are bothering you, you are giving them what they want. Ignoring a bully will bore them and they will be less likely to pick on someone who does not give them a response.

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