Be Active to Fight Childhood Obesity!

Besides eating healthy, one of the most important ways to prevent childhood obesity is physical activity. Today’s children are less likely to want to go outside and play and more likely to want to sit in their home playing on the computer or playing computer games. A lifestyle that does not include physical activity leads to children gaining weight and not burning the calories they consume. Over time, this can lead to a child becoming obese.

Physical activity or exercise is any movement that you may do that burns calories. Getting a lot of exercise will help you reach a healthy weight, build muscle strength, and build your self esteem.

Not only will you feel better by getting much needed activity, but you will be doing a great deal of good for yourself for the future. Exercising regularly prevents many diseases that you could get from being overweight such as diabetes. It will also help your heart and lungs to function at their best.

Exercise can be Fun

The United States Department of Health along with the National Football League has issued a campaign challenging children to be active for at least sixty minutes every day. The campaign encourages children to join sports teams, get fit, and have fun while doing it.

Video games may be your favorite thing to do, but you also need to move around sometimes. Exercise does not have to be boring and hard to do. Exercise can be playing sports with your friends outside, riding your bike, or swimming in a pool. Doing these things will help to get you healthy, and will help you build your strength and confidence while doing so.

Family Fun

Making exercise a daily family event can set a routine for children and make the entire family healthy. When children see their parents doing something, they are more likely to do the same. Parents should set a good example for their children by showing them how exercise can benefit their bodies and make them healthier.

Pick a time every night when the family will meet together and exercise. After dinner is a perfect time, since the family is together anyway. Create a variety of things to do together. One night the family could go for a walk together, the next could be a bike ride, and the following night the family could play catch together. Whatever the physical activity may be while, losing weight and getting healthy your family will create memories of being with each other that will last a lifetime.

Along with making healthy eating decisions, exercise is the best way to prevent childhood obesity. By simply working in a short exercise or play period everyday, children are more likely to be at an ideal weight. Don’t think of it as exercise; think of it as fun!

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