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School folders provide a simple way for schools to communicate with their parents every day. They are a great management system to keep daily classwork, homework, reminders, permission slips and notes organized on their way to and from school every day, providing a unique opportunity for businesses like yours to advertise locally in Paramus NJ to a captive audience of students, parents and family members in your local community.


Why Advertise on School Folders?

When choosing how to spend your advertising dollars, you want every cent to count. School Folders provide a unique opportunity for you to reach potential customers who live in your area – your target audience. No other advertising medium delivers your message more effectively to local families.

Regular exposure throughout the school year will help build a presence in your local community and raise your business profile. Advertising is a process, not a one-time event – the more often an ad is seen, the more it is remembered. Research has shown that a consumer usually needs to see an ad at least five to seven times before responding.

Imagine having no competition. Our exclusive advertising policy means your competitors are excluded from the same opportunity, until you decide to give your space to them. You may advertise in as many different school folders as you like and be guaranteed that your business will be the only one of its kind on that folder.

Your advertisement will be professionally designed by our experienced team of graphic artists, and proofed by you, to ensure it retains your businesses image.

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